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Craft of coating of NiCrAlY of deposit of plating of vacuum electric arc
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1 preface

Push high will use titanium alloy than engine compressor lamina, titanium alloy is taller than intensity[1], be able to bear or endure corrode sex is good, but can appear in 550 ℃ above dissolve oxygen is fragile change an appearance[2]. To improve the service life of blade, must undertake to its coating defends. NiCrAlY coating is fought oxidation, heatproof it is good to corrode function, have good thermal stability and taller tenacity, it is to apply most extensive high temperature to defend at present coating[3 ~ 7]. Foreign somebody splashs the method that shoots plating with ion coating of deposit on the compound between TiAl metal FeCrAlY[8], home also has researcher to use magnetism to accuse to splash ejaculation method deposit on the compound between TiAl metal CoCrAlY and NiCrAlY coating[9], but blemish of the existence between coating and matrix. This job uses coating of NiCrAlY of preparation of method of plating of vacuum electric arc, the article will undertake study to its craft.

2 experiments method

The data that the experiment uses is the Ti60(Ti5Sn2Zr6Al) alloy that forgings via 1010 ℃ and the Ti that forging via 1150 ℃3Al(Ti24Al15Nb1.5Mo) alloy, sample size all is Ti60 alloy) for the material that did not make clear in 1.5mm×10mm×30mm(article, via 500 purposes waterproof abrasive paper final burnish, anhydrous alcohol is supersonic clean, air cooling is blown dry. Coating preparation uses machine of plated film of DH-700 vacuum much arc, target material is Ni20Cr13Al1Y. Deposit craft parameter is: ?×10 of be soiled Chan- 3Pa, bombard bias voltage 600 ~ 800V, bombard electric current 60 ~ 70A, time increases definite working bias and working electric current when deposit coating of 5 ~ 10min; , because place needs the ply of coating and deposit time is decided, other sees test result share about parameter detailed.

3 tests result

3.1 jobs bias and working electric current leave the effect of analyse to coating composition

Say commonly, the coating of alloy of plating of much arc ion that uses preparation of alloy target material, with target alloy composition separation can happen between material. The reachs bias voltage, electric current to become minute of separation to coating into detached analyse circumstance effect that we studied different alloying element.

The part of NiCrAlY target ability that the experiment uses is, 66%Ni, 20%Cr, 13%Al, 1%Y.

The working electric current of two groups of experiments is 70A and 50A respectively, change working bias, observe its effect to coating composition, test result sees a picture 1. The data from inside the graph can see, below different working electric current and working bias, the composition of the composition of deposit coating and target material has certain separation. When working electric current is 70A, the Cr in coating compares target material on the high side, al and Ni are lower than target material (because the Y content in target material is very few, did not undertake analytic) to the separation circumstance of Y consequently. When working electric current is 50A, the separation of coating composition is not clear. In addition, change working bias, do not have regularity influence to the separation of coating composition.
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