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Large area magnetism accuses to splash shoot craft to be in optical and multilay
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1, introduce

In glass or roll the is used at building, car, monitor and solar energy application optics of the preparation on material is multilayer film is to use reaction magnetism to accuse to splash shoot in order to have but the tall deposit with stable reduplicative leads those who have production. The good film thick uniformity on whole base width and proper technology are long-term stability is to satisfy manufacturing demand place must. Dynamic deposit is led (the productivity of plated film machine) , chemical composition of film and craft stability (include film thick the critical parameter that distributing and behavior removing arc) the advanced technology that needs to use optical to bedding face accumulating plated film stabilizes a technology. This means large to the high demand consist in of development area to react magnetism accuses to splash shoot craft. To transferring the technology that develops below lab condition to machine of large-scale industry plated film this process is occurring very big risk sex. Upgrade to overcome this problem, development production installed experiment of an industry dimensions equipment. The base that this equipment can handle is broad achieve 3.2m.

Besides the simple introduction that splashs ejaculation craft stability respect to reaction, the article still included to us this is used one at magnetism to accuse to splash the introduction of machine of the industrial dimensions experiment that shoots research and development plated film. The result of the improvement that this will use the zinc oxide that obtains about be in this equipment and titanium dioxide technology will undertake demonstrative.

2, reaction splashs ejaculation craft stability

Reaction is splashed shooting craft serve as token with lag phenomenon. Nod a mode of consist in metal and reaction mode from steady work. Must expand of existence to transfer from stable range limits is run with assuring the production of equipment of industrial plated film. the introduction plasma launchs the in this respect use of controller below.

Circuit of a control is used at the spot to determine the intensity of the spectral line that splashs material ejaculation target. Below the circumstance that assured to consider attrib border condition, this can be used at measuring target to go up real target material is splashed shoot rate. Reaction gas inputs a quantity to be able to measure the deviation of gotten signal strength to undertake controlling according to a set point. Grow likely according to material, target so and smoke fast almost every work place is stable in transfer limits. Reaction splashs ejaculation job to nod the position to depend on the requirement of the parameter such as rate, chemical to deposit composition and reflectivity.

Transfer to be in the effective film that gets width has removed a meter below mode is deep the plated film that distributing, need has special research. Well-known, accuse to splash ejaculation circumstance in reaction magnetism, amend when the trends that has aeriform flow only accuse in order to stabilize straight magnetism of type of a spreading when balancing position to splash shoot a source to be able to work steadily for a long time.
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