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Uniformity of film of vacuum plated film is relevant knowledge
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Process of vacuum plated film is very complex, because the different cent of plated film principle is a lot of sort, because need high vacuum,be spent merely and have uniform name. So the vacuum plated film to different principle, the factor that affects uniformity is endless also and same. And this concept itself also meets uniformity having different sense as plated film measure and filmy composition. Cent nevers mention it below me:

The concept of filmy uniformity:

1. The uniformity on ply, understandable also for surface roughness, look on the measure of optical film (namely 1/10 wavelengh serves as an unit, it is 100A about) , the uniformity of vacuum plated film has comparatived, can be surface roughness control relaxed inside the 1/10 limits of visible light wavelengh, that is to say for the optical character to film, vacuum plated film does not have any obstacles. But if be the uniformity that points to atomic layer measure to go up, should realize 10A that is to say even the exterior level off of 1A, it is now the main technical content in vacuum plated film and technical bottleneck place, detailed explanation can give out according to different plated film below specific control element.

2. The uniformity on chemical constituent: That is to say is in film, the nuclear group branch of compound spends small and very easy generation as a result of feet inhomogenous character, siTiO3 film, if plated film process is unscientific, the constituent of so actual surface is not SiTiO3, and the likelihood is other scale, the film of plating is not the chemical composition that is wanted film, this also is the technical content place of vacuum plated film. Specific element also gives out below.

3. The uniformity that crystal lattice spends in order: This decided film is single crystal, much brilliant, blame brilliant, it is the heat problem in technology of vacuum plated film, specific see below.

Ultimate cluster has two big sort: Evaporate deposit plated film and splash shoot deposit plated film, specific include a lot of sort, include vacuum ion to evaporate, magnetism accuses to splash shoot, MBE element bundle denotative, sol gel law is waited a moment

To evaporating plated film:

It is to heat commonly target material makes exterior constituent is evaporated to come out with nuclear group or ionic form, and sedimentation be in base piece the surface, through becoming velar process (medicinal powder dot - insular shape structure - confuse a structure - layer shape grows) form film.

Ply uniformity basically depends on:

1, base the crystal lattice of sheet makings and target material matchs rate

2, base piece exterior temperature

3, evaporate power, rate

4, vacuum is spent

5, plated film time, ply size.

Constituent uniformity:

Evaporate uniformity of plated film constituent is not very easy assure, specific and OK the element of adjusting control is Alexandrine, but be restricted as a result of principle place, plated film of onefold to be not constituent, evaporate the constituent uniformity of plated film is bad.
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