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Vacuum food
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Vacuum-packed food has become us a kind of common food in daily life. From beverage, dairy produce, to the flesh kind, aquatic product, ham, use vacuum-packed will isolate air, remove the effect of bacterium with rising to last. But once vacuum-packed food is opened, need special saved vacuum-packed food to basically have two kinds: One kind is for moistureproof dry food, one kind is to defend the wet provision of water. No matter which are phyletic model, after vacuum-packed food unseals, answer to eat as soon as possible, do not eat, must want to be put into last refrigerated in the box. To wet vacuum food, namely beef of the vacuum-packed ham that we often have, sauce, can, as a result of its itself suits relatively microbial grow, allow easy metamorphism, accordingly besides should put into last outside box cold storage, take when eating best reheat. General vacuum-packed after opening, in freezer sealed saving 9 days do not have a problem, but or should as soon as possible edible. Institute of food of southwest agriculture college teachs Wang Guangci