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Carbon of nitrogen of saline bath sulfur in all ooze technology - SURSULF/ARCOR
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Surmounted nitriding ability makes these saline bath in all ooze technology solves steel and cast-iron attrition effectively to wear away, fatigue, occlusive reach all sorts of cankerous issues, the hi-tech that can achieve common gas nitriding and ionic nitriding and short of of other finishing craft asks.

Can have the stuff of processing

Carbolic steel, alloy steel (include tool steel) , material of high-speed steel, stainless steel, cast-iron, pulverous metallurgy.

As general principle, apply to all is in temper of 570 ℃ above or eliminate stress quench steel. Lowest of this craft processing temperature can come 480 ℃ .

The function of the spare parts after processing

  • Wearability
    Via Sheshefu or A but the distinctive compound layer that saline bath processing builds, change the exterior bubble layer with iron and good performance to comprise by ε- nitrogen purely, rise effectively fight adhesion sex to wear away (decrease pull Mao Hela to hurt) function.
  • Fight occlusive sex
    Abandon a husband via abandoning or A but the surface has the part that saline bath handles to fight occlusive function admirably. Because organize the reason with composition, the surface is microscopical the generation that the layer prevents the solder that grind solder to nod, what conduce to a spare parts consequently is initiative adjust. Because can offer lube film layer, mucous membrane can be reduced not to stabilize threshold value and oily film cracked not to stabilize threshold value on the hydrokinetics.
  • Combat fatigue strength
    As a result of Sheshefu or A but the tall azotic situation that saline bath handles and strong nitriding capability, the workpiece appearance that is handled produced very tall remains to press stress, can raise all sorts of kinds accordingly combat fatigue strength.
  • Corrosion resistance
    The spare parts after saline bath processing has Sheshefu to fight air admirably caustic, prevent to store the oxidation in the process. And A but saline bath processing has more admirable the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College gas is caustic. For example, experiment index can achieve the mist fighting salt of the 35Mn steel that processes via 90 minutes or 35CrMo steel 96 hours or longer, and A can handle its corrosion resistance to be able to amount to 800 hours even.

Representative application (detailed list of specific component application can all alone to my company free case)

As a result of Sheshefu (SURSULF) , A but (ARCOR) , A but the special advantage of N and OPO technology, wide application received in each domains. On the world hundreds of factories and client are using these technologies to handle all sorts of mechanical spare partses today, indicated the advanced sex of these technologies and extensive gender.
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