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Rate of unusual Hall resistor concerns along with the change of Fe content
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Film of ferromagnetism metal grain is in of respect of spin electronics parts of an apparatus have potential applied perspective [1] . Last centuries 90 time, people discovered effect of gigantic magnetism resistance and gigantic Hall effect in film of ferromagnetism metal grain. Latter Liu [2] discovers film of grain of the ultrathin Fe-Ge that be not brilliant has very great Hall resistor sensitivity, the sensor of silicon semiconductor Hall that its numerical value leads than having close resistance sensitivity is one times taller above, basic technical parameter satisfies the requirement of Hall sensor, had the possibility that uses actually.

We accuse to splash preparation ejaculation a way with magnetism FeXGe100-xGrain film, use X ray diffraction (photoelectron of ray of XRD) , X can chart (XPS) and electron microscope of high resolution transmission (the micromechanism that HRTEM) analysed film; With oscillatory sample gaussmeter (VSM) and physical property measuring instrument (the magnetism that PPMS-9) measured film pledges and electric transport is characteristic.

The place in grain of Fe of condition of Fe-Ge filmy You Jing and the Ge matrix of the condition that be not brilliant is comprised, still contain in sample a few the Fe of the condition that be not brilliant3Ge2. Filmy saturated magnetization strength increases as the addition of Fe content, dense force behaves correct to be reduced after that to increase first. As the addition of Fe content, filmy electric character is transformed to the metal by semiconductor, hall resistor (rate) after increasing first, reduce (the 1) that be like a graph. As filmy ply reduce Hall resistance (rate) increase with Hall voltage. Resistor of the biggest unusual Hall leads 140 times what be pure Fe film about, compare a body Fe 4 tall quantitative class.

Graph the change that resistor of 1 unusual Hall leads the content that follow Fe concerns