Bibcock position already consolidated hill bulldozer produce and sale two flouri
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This year 1 - April, the company sells bulldozer in all 1700 or so, than last year growth of the corresponding period amounts to 43 % to control. This year 1 - Feburary, the company is in of home market have rate for 44.4 % , rank what second Heibei announce is versed in to have rate have 23.4 % only. Production and marketing of hill bulldozer product two flourishing, bibcock position consolidates.

Hill pushed early days to carry out match a plan, collect capital uses at two projects entirely: Bulldozer is overall enlarge is produced and component enlarge is produced, original plan 2009 put into production, amounted to 2010 produce, but the construction plan with current foundation, predicting likelihood is in this year 3 quarters put into production, amounted to 2009 produce. This year first quarter, sales volume of grab of minor loose brand is 4394, growth amounts to 85 % . Predict in the near future small loose hill is pushed will continue to hold fast growth position. The product structure of hill bulldozer will get ameliorative, the new increase production of company bulldozer can be main the high-power in be, the yield of the bulldozer of 220 horsepower and above can be occupied always produce can scale will raise 53 % from original 34 % .

Predict 2008, 2009, 2010, hill is pushed can realize business income respectively 6.4 billion yuan, 8.4 billion yuan mix 11.1 billion yuan.