The working principle of pneumatic membrane pump reachs his to use a field
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Already formed seriation production at present, share diameter of 8 kinds of norms: φ 10mm (3/8 ' ' ) , φ 15mm (1/2 ' ' ) , φ 25mm (1 ' ' ) , φ 40mm (11/2 ' ' ) , φ 50mm (2 ' ' ) , φ 65mm (21/2 ' ' ) , φ 80mm (3 ' . 4 kinds of material are qualitative: Plastic, aluminium alloy, cast-iron, stainless steel.
Membrane pump uses Ding Qing respectively according to different liquid medium balata of balata, chloroprene rubber, fluorine, get together 4 fluorine ethylene, get together 46 ethylene. In order to satisfy the need of different user. Membrane pump of QBY series pneumatic is a kind of new-style conveyer fetterses, it is a kind of home's at present most original pump kind. Use compress air to be dynamical source, to all sorts of caustic liquids, take the liquid of grain, volatilize tall viscosity, easily, combustible, virulent liquid, all can give smoke light to be sucked. The MARIOWPUMPS close of the WLLDENPVMPS of its performance data and confederative Germany, United States.
This pump since go into operation of flourishing spring company, already by home unit of system of more than 1000 oil, chemical industry, electron, pottery and porcelain, spin is used, find a place for in all sorts of special situations, with will smoke send kind of groovy pump cannot the medium of pump, all obtained satisfactory result.
[main use]

Hop reachs yeast rare oar, syrup, gooey.
Pump sucks the seeper in mine, sap, channel, mineral separation, scoria.
Pump sucks cement grouting and plaster, all sorts of oak rubber cement.
All sorts of abrasive, caustic, oil and slop, clean oily dirty and general container.
Pump sucks oar of apple of mud of peanut butter, pickle, potato, small red bowel, conserve, chocolate to wait.
Lacquer of pump oil absorption, gummy, painty.
Adhesive and sizy, whole sort can be absorbed with pump.
All sorts of tile, porcelain, brick implement reach crockery glaze slip.
After wildcat has been gotten, suck deposit and grouting with pump.
Pump sucks all sorts of emulsifying agent and filling.
Pump absorbs all sorts of foul water.
It is tanker with pump, barge checks inventory absorb the foul water inside the storehouse.
All sorts of volatilize virulently, combustibly, easily liquid.
Corrode a liquid all sorts of strong acid, alkali, by force.
All sorts of high temperature liquids are highest can be able to bear or endure 150 ℃ .
Regard all sorts of solid fluid as separate facility before class sends press fitting buy.
QBY pneumatic membrane pump can draw the liquid that sends flow already, can carry the medium of a few not easy flow again, have what suck the conveyer instrument such as pump of pump, sumbersible pump, screen, slop pump and foreign matter pump oneself a lot of advantages. 1, do not need fill draw or channel water, suck Cheng to be as high as 7m, lift amounts to 50m, outlet pressure is not less than 6kgf every square centimeter. 2, flow is wide my, good through function, allow to carry the biggest grain. The diameter amounts to 10mm to smoke when sending slop, impurity, wear away to pump dinky. 3, lift, discharge can spend implementation stepless to adjust through enraging a powerful person to leave. (atmospheric pressure adjustment is in 2-8kg/ square centimeter) 4, this pump is not had rotate component, , won't create environmental pollution and harm person security. 5, need not use phone, in explode combustibly, easily the place uses on the safe side. 6, can immersion works in medium. 8, the structure is simple, fragile the component is noted, simple, installation maintains this pump structure convenient, 9, can carry relatively sticking liquid. (viscosity is under berth of 10 thousand li) 10, this pump need not be used oil-lubricated, although idling, also do not have any influences to pump, this is this pump one big characteristic.
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