Prospective water price will keep balance with oil price
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Prospective water price will keep balance with oil price On August 20, 2008 origin: People net edits: [China environmental protection federation]

According to forecasting, the water price of the whole world will keep balance with oil price inside 10 years, erupt because of lacking water issue war.

According to " Korea daily " report, korea layout Ministry of finance expresses 17 days, lunar end holds in the United States on " world futurology is met " on, the expert that comes from a whole world made afore-mentioned forecasting. As a result of water resource scarcity, water price will be in future keeps balance with oil price inside 10 years, erupt likely in the whole world water natural resources contends for battle. Of world population 40% live around 250 rivers fountainhead, from the point of the history, because worry about fountainhead problem more,live in downstream country, because this is paid attention to more than country of fluvial upper reaches,enhance national defence power. The report returns an analysis to say, especially the possibility that in Jordan, bottom sieve frame Reese and Euphrates and area of Indian river and other places produce a battle is very large.

Population grows, pollution is serious and climate is heated wait for a problem, make the whole world is sufferring worry of serious crisis of water natural resources. Last year the end of the year, panjiwen is in U.N. secretary-general peak of natural resources of water of first Asia-Pacific area ever published kinescope speech to say on the meeting, the shortage of clean water natural resources may become what the war starts between prospective country " powerful inducement " . ▲

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