Homebred concrete machinery becomes dominant position of market main force appar
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The product that in project machine the domain dare say to our country is manufacturing big country is not concrete machinery a kind, roller, fork-lift truck can say is manufacturing big country, but dare say power be afraid concrete is only mechanical Chen Runyu of director of chapter of machinery of trade association concrete once represented machinist of project of a kind of China, . This is full of lofty sentiments professioning of Chen Runyu's director, come from at machinery of our country concrete manufacturing company is brave in to surmount his, overtake the rapid development of the courage of world advanced level and market of machine of our country concrete. China is the country of the biggest concrete machine production on the world, also can saying very proudly is the power that machinery of a concrete produces.
Own brand already became market main force
Concrete machinery basically points to concrete pump (pull pump, car to carry pump) , 4 kinds of products such as pump car, agitate car and agitate station, according to project machine the computation of calendar year all of guild is occupied, the market demand of these products is overall grow ceaselessly and increase what use an amount as commodity concrete.
Look from the amount, the concrete machinery crop of our country takes the absolutely advantage of world market; Look from breed, our country is the manufacturing big country of concrete machinery, the capacity arrives from 0.5 stere 6 stere. The capacity that agitate carries a car also has 12 stere of 3 ~ a few kinds. Concrete pump car, its jib length all has to all sorts of 56 meters model from 28 meters, 31 heavy industry returned development to give world the upper arm to wear car of the longest 66 meters of pump 2006.

These products are mixed in Munich Las Vegas is mixed reputably on exhibition of international project machine favorable. Company of construction of a lot of home uses homebred product tape abroad, a lot of agency of the foreign country grab product of China of preexistence abroad distribute also is very good paradigmatic. Besides function, management concept, price and service also are us is strong. In function and dependability respect, a few kinds of products of our country have apparent distinguishing feature. Agitate stands (building) full automatic control system, it is the product that development of domestic proper motion produces. The service life of agitate arm, scaleboard can amount to 50 thousand ~ for the most part 100 thousand stere, the scaleboard of alloy cast iron can amount to 300 thousand stere, the Electromechanical fluid an organic whole of concrete pump car controls the advanced level that also reached the world. Existence problem nots allow to ignore
Need throws manpower, material resources, financial capacity, cannot get due redound possibly also finally. The 3% ~ that the scientific research charge that some enterprises throw is sales revenue 5% , this is the number with not small brushstroke. If sale is 200 million yuan, should press 6 million ~ 10 million yuan regard scientific research as innovation charge, this Qian Ke can pay off, hit water possibly also to float. If be 1 billion yuan, should press 30 million ~ 50 million yuan of computation, but a lot of enterprises are it is tendentious pretext with this, do not carry out certainly.
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