Times special futures dollar picks up the metal is fatigued and weak
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Stock of human relations copper is small decrease, but period value is little drop close at 7850, premium of merchandise on hand rises to 140 dollars below the support that stock falls, hold a storehouse to decrease, indication capital pours out of the evidence of the market continuously. Outside dish talk about more is Chinese entrance deficit still big, the consumption that the near future cannot expect China is bought dish, increase the power that the dollar picks up, cupreous value is basic face still be expected to fall. The dollar continues to pick up yesterday, and crude oil turns to lose for the technology situation, have continue fall after a rise spreads out intermediate adjustment likelihood. London metal stock is common small decrease, but the dollar is intermediate pick up reach crude oil to go drop apparent to metallic pressure.
Look on the technology, period price still is in drop in situation, because short line drops too big somewhat concussion. In the sky operate a head to hold to. Lun Xin stock is small yesterday decrease, period price rebounds to 1985 dollars, hold a storehouse to increase, pick up dimensions of 190 thousand hand, show in period price after dropping considerably, market difference is increased. Shanghai copper is broken yesterday 60 thousand prop up, rate of exchange summary fall after a rise, support desire actively not strong, outside predicting to will follow dish continue to drop, shanghai copper technology pay close attention to 58000 a gleam of to prop up. Nominal of the proposal on the operation continues, rebound cast empty. Shanghai zinc is in bull of spec of 16600 a gleam of and contention of the nominal that keep a cost are intense, but rebound the space is not large, visible pressure is in 17000 a gleam of in breach.