New target of environmental protection of area of Shanghai chemical industry is
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Up to now, chemical area is brought endowment ten billion six hundred and sixty-three million dollar, the investment project that has 8.1 billion dollar about has fluctuation to swim relation. Area of Shanghai chemical industry already formed chain of industry of economy of a loop, the product of upriver enterprise even " flotsam " the raw material that is downstream enterprise and the sources of energy, reduce the generation of contaminant as far as possible. Previously, produce 300 thousand tons of pvc, need 200 thousand tons of chlorine and pair of 150 thousand tons of ethylene, produce a large number of waste gas, liquid waste, waste residue. Changing work area to develop the concept of circular economy is, area of zoology industry garden should grow like large tree, the energy of the enterprise flows smoother, specific power consumption lower, cost is smaller, more friendly also to environment. Nowadays, 200 thousand tons of chlorine send a company first " work " , yield useful resource, by-product chloridize hydrogen reclaims to remand in the meantime polyvinyl chloride device, produce the pvc of same amount again. Come so, chloric " worked " , utilization rate raised 1 times. Public chamberlain considers setting of area of chemical industry of economic Zhang   public " chamberlain " , concentration builds pyroelectricity couplet to offer, the public project system such as natural and incinerator of works of water of industrial gas, industry, sewage treatment plant, trash, tracheal net, be helpful for not only managing with the ground, investment that reduces an enterprise and operation cost, and raised resource effectively to use efficiency.
The enterprise inside the area each interest is very large, ba Sifu, do obeisance to the internationalization such as BP of ear, England to be versed in the tycoon comes round to pitch a camp in succession, but chemical area does not allow them however " each does things in his own way " . The redundant vapour of each enterprise answers expropriation at generating electricity, heat addition, can generate electricity everyday many degrees 20. Project of 900 thousand tons of ethylene uses contest family chemical area unifinication is public project, the project always invests control to be in 20 billion yuan of less than, the other ethylene project of the corresponding period, more coequal than home dimensions reduces investment to make an appointment with 30 % to come 50 % . "The brigade of wet ground " purify liquid waste   to press expect, project of wet useless water purification can handle 25 thousand tons of liquid waste everyday, the water after processing can pisciculture, irrigate a flower, feed domestic animal. According to statistic, the discharge capacity of chemical oxygen demand with annual area of Shanghai chemical industry is 420.3 tons, far the garden area that defines under Shanghai controls a standard. In the past, after the liquid waste of classics of industrial waste water of chemical area handles factory processing to amount to mark, emit into deep-sea. Environmental protection investment already amounted to 9.16 billion yuan, occupy the 12.3 % that total project invests. Area of Shanghai chemical industry east side, one big artificial wet sadly " long " piece, draw be a guest of many halcyon, egret, mallard. Henceforth, major industrial waste water will handle a factory to flow to wet ground from liquid waste, in plant, microbial purify again below the combined action with soil, regurgitate garden area, use circularly at industrial circuit.
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