TOTO of consciousness of environmental protection of water of red-letter day of
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TOTO of consciousness of environmental protection of water of red-letter day of education whole society is contributive the 5 million environment that set water is special fund On July 7, 2008 origin: [federation of China environmental protection] editor: [China environmental protection federation]

To popularize the section water knowledge, water that develops whole society environmental protection is mixed the development of water of section of section water consciousness, stimulative China and environmental protection career, dong Tao (China) limited company (company of TOTO of the following abbreviation) recently hand in hand foundation of China environmental protection created special fund of TOTO water environment jointly in Beijing

On July 4, come from water of academy of sciences of environmental protection ministry, irrigation works ministry, environment, city building assist, hair change appoint the leader of the concerned branch such as association of pottery and porcelain of center of certificate of quality of annulus endowment department, China and building sanitation, expert was in Beijing international club to attend environment of water of TOTO of foundation of China environmental protection the starting ceremony of special fund, more than 80 media that comes from home is right of this fund hold water undertook special subject reports. It is reported, TOTO company will throw 5 million RMB to regard this fund as the fee that day-to-day business activity and project implement, offer relevant section water knowledge, technology popularize an activity.

In TOTO water environment special fund establishs celebration to go up, dong Tao (China) limited company general manager installs a ministry strong express, the goal that fund establishs, it is to make social community sufficient realise the principal port that cherishs limited water natural resources to live to protecting earthly environment and mankind. To promote the development of career of environmental protection of Chinese section water, TOTO is willing the social sense of responsibility with oneself, and banner section water science and technology, for career of section water environmental protection, make oneself contribution, use up an one's pygmy effort.

Secretary-general of Li Wei of foundation of China environmental protection expresses in the speech, TOTO company is contributive create water environment special fund, aid financially and develop environment of concerned protection water and activity of section water commonweal, reflected a company to cherish limited natural resources to protect the concept of earthly environment, will be opposite Chinese water goes to positive stimulative effect since the development of environmental protection career.
According to the reporter understanding arrives, in 5 years of henceforth, this fund will be begun regularly in the whole nation include " section water knowledge is publicized " , " excellent part aquatic product, technology is chosen " , " water contest of originality of environmental protection poster " wait for series activity, and will contributive begin " section water technology grooms " .
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