Industry need innovates hard development of road surface machine is clear
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The situation of unify the whole country of foreign entrance equipment has ended, the homebred machinery that build a road has become main force. Main show is as follows: One, the technical level of machinery of homebred road surface already was close to or reach world advanced level, large-scale the times that relies on to introduce a technology to develop has ended, absorb, the channel that learns foreign advanced technique and method increase greatly, oneself develops ability to promote greatly, large bitumen blends machine of shop of equipment, booth development cycle does not exceed a year commonly.
2, trade situation produces very big change. It is company of abroad's well-known road surface machinery builds a plant in China in succession, changed road surface machinery to produce the construction of the enterprise. These enterprises have German BMW, Sweden well of wine of Suo Lan of case of Dainapake, United States flower, Japan weighs labour to wait. They spread respect of machinery of equipment of machine, agitate, conserve to have abundant technology and economic actual strength in roller, booth, representing world banner level, the manufacturing situation of will mechanical to Chinese road surface industry will produce far-reaching effect henceforth. Its are developed in the product, made course of study of the state-owend enterprise in reaching a lot of respects such as intellectual property protection to give offer study opportunity.
2 it is home the production of product of machinery of intervening road surface of success of well-known big company, develop to much breed direction, ability of the engineering course that be like Xu, 31 heavy industry, medium share of labour of willow of Nature's engineering of couplet heavy division, at the height of power and splendour, Guangxi, Chang Lin already established company of road surface machinery, equipment of planer of machine of shop of batch production roller, booth, mill, agitate build machine of maintain a road. Be in by right of big plant the actual strength of experience, technology, economy, production respect, product of machinery of its road surface removes bitumen agitate equipment dominant position had been held on explicit sale market. These change, great the actual strength that enhanced industry of machinery of our country road surface, also have very big effect to the development of medium and small businesses. 3 it is a batch of civilian battalion medium and small businesses grows quickly expand, dimensions and technical actual strength soar. If distant this world builds machine, Beijing,Dan of heart radical, Han adds grand, Henan the Liu De, Xue Tao that do not have stannum, without Xihuatong, wait for a company to be on bitumen mixer market without highway of Xi Xitong, Jilin the place that has the main aspect; Shan Senyuan of Da Gang of Shenyang north, Xi'an, saddle, 33 beauty are connected in conserve machinery respect actual strength is driving, breed is much, scale is large. The companies of 4 the machinery that build a road that are old brand deepen reform ceaselessly, got used to the change of the market. Actual strength of the manufacturing experience that if Xi'an builds Hua Chenhua of machine, Zhenjiang to connect,waits for an enterprise to depend on a few years, technology and conventional force, its position and product figure in the market still brightness is not decreased.
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