Rate of leaks, leakage reachs its character
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The leaks that indicates in vacuum technique, as a result of dimension tiny, appearance complex, form is diversiform, cannot represent its bulk with geometrical dimension. Use equivalent conductance or flat rate commonly so (abbreviation is led to leak) the bulk that represents leaks.
When the rate that use leakage represents leaks bulk, if do not add special specification, it is to show in leaks entrance pressure is 1.01×105Pa, outlet pressure under 1.33×103Pa, temperature falls for the standard condition of 296 person 3K, the dew point temperature that leaks has shed inside unit time is measured under the airy gas of 248K.
The unit that leakage leads is second of Pascal × stere / , write down for Pam3/ S. To go to the lavatory, rise / second with Pascal × sometimes, write down for PaL / S.

The biggest concessional leakage is led
Vacuum system is flat it is absolutely, not flat it is the opposite “ that indicates in technology of vacuum leak hunting the concept that leads with the biggest concessional leakage contacts leakage ” together.
To dynamic vacuum system, the vacuum that wants its to balance pressure to be able to achieve a requirement only is spent, although put,wearing at this moment leaks, also can thinking the leakage of this system is led is concessional, the leakage rate of the system below this circumstance calls rate of the biggest concessional leakage. The biggest concessional leakage of dynamic vacuum system leads QLmaxShould satisfyQLmax≤1/10PWS (1)
The P in typeW----Systematic actuating pressure
S----Of the system smoke effectively fast
To static vacuum system, the requirement is inside proper time, its pressure is maintained it is under concessional pressure, although put,wearing at this moment leaks, biting likewise is in order to think the leakage of this system is led concessional, the leakage rate of the system below this circumstance calls rate of the biggest concessional leakage. If ask to be inside time T, volume rises by P for the pressure of the system of V to PT, criterion its are the biggest concessional leakage leads QLmaxShould satisfyQLmax≤(pT- P)V/t (2)

The air current of leaks is characteristic
The process of leaks of aeriform shedding classics is very complex, the bag contains the likelihood stick sluggish to flow, transfer stream reach an element to shed 3 kinds of flow condition. The pressure of two end and environmental temperature concern the sort of the geometrical dimension of dominant flow condition and leaks, gas, leaks. Set environmental temperature T=296K, entrance pressure P2=1.01×105Pa, outlet pressure P1" P2, leaks grows L, the even round sectional conduit of diametical D leaks, its are reached to airy leakage rate can inspecting flow condition is different.
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