A few kinds of of vacuum leak hunting common methods
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Leak hunting method is very much, basis by check located condition can be divided control law of leak hunting law, vacuum leak hunting and standard of other leak hunting to fill.

Fill control leak hunting standard: Be in by check the material showing leakage that interior fills constant pressure, if by check on have leaks, the material that show leakage from leaks leakage, be in with regular method or instrument by check exterior detect a material showing leakage from leaks leakage, decide thereby the existence of leaks, position and the bulk that leakage leads, this is filled namely control leak hunting standard.

Law of vacuum leak hunting: By check be in vacuum condition with the sensing element of hydrophone, in by check exterior bring to bear on the material that show leakage, if have leaks, the material that show leakage can be entered through leaks by check the space with sensing element, detect by sensing element produce leakage material, can decide thereby the bulk that leakage of benefit of the existence of leaks, position leads, this is law of vacuum leak hunting.

Law of other leak hunting: By check both neither is filled pressure also not vacuumize, or its are exterior the law of leak hunting of methodological classify other such as press press. Back pressure law is among them one of main methods.

” of law of leak hunting of alleged “ back pressure is to use back pressure room to fill search gas by leaks first by check, make below vacuum condition next search gas again from by check in leakage. With some kind of method (or leak detector) the search gas that check track down a leak gives, decide by check the method that total leakage leads.