The leak hunting principle of hydrophone of high frequency scintilla
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Hydrophone of high frequency scintilla is a high frequency high pressure right discharge parts of an apparatus, can use atVacuumLeak hunting.
(1) job principle and structure
Capacitance, type of resonance of inductance series connection is high frequency the principle graph of scintilla hydrophone. Put through K, when contactor CD closes, electric current sheds classics L1, CD, electric current is very big, L1Generation is enough large electric magnetic force attracts CD to disconnect, form L then1, C, L2loop. Because impedance increases, electric current is reduced bring about electromagnetism force to drop. Make CD closes afresh thereby. Relapse so, in L2Voltage of high frequency pulse brings to bear on on, because this high tension line encircles L3the induction gives voltage of pulse of high frequency high pressure. And L3one aspect of the matter produces phenomenon of puncture of high frequency scintilla to ground discharge. This is the working principle of hydrophone of high frequency scintilla.
(2) glassVacuumSystematic leak hunting
The discharge reed F of hydrophone of will high frequency scintilla along the face of vitreous system appearance that already managed to find time inch, bouquet of fire of the discharge when doing not have leaks assumes mixed and disorderly and dispersive position, when encountering leaks igneous bouquet is centered into fine bundle, and point to the window on the system (the result) that rate of ionization of the air inside leaks is more than glass far, this window is the position of leaks.
(3) metalVacuumSystematic leak hunting
If all sorts of gas and color of steam glow discharge are expressed 1. Leakage material is shown to bring to bear on in choosing a watch in the metalVacuumDoubtful place of the system, arouse the inside glassy compasses canal or blind canal gas on the system with hydrophone of high frequency scintilla, made discharge, the change that observes discharge color can realize leak hunting. The actuating pressure of this kind of method is 5×10- 1~ 102Pa, leak hunting sensitivity is 10- 3Pam3/ S.
Express all sorts of 1 gas and color of steam glow discharge

Air of color of discharge of steam of aeriform discharge color is rosy oxygen of shamrock of water of red of gold of nitrogen of of mercuric La Lu is weak fizzle outVacuum油脂 淡蓝(有荧光) 氢气 浅红 酒精 淡蓝 二氧化碳 白蓝 乙醚 淡蓝灰 氦气 紫红 丙酮 蓝 氖气 鲜红 苯 蓝 氩气 深红 甲醇 蓝
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