The choice of method of vacuum leak hunting reachs the requirement of pair of le
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The choice of leak hunting method
Better leak hunting method should satisfy following requirement:
The leak hunting sensitivity with appropriate ①
Below specific leak hunting requirement, what choose leak hunting sensitivity of the method, normally the biggest concessional leakage leads prep above 1 ~ 2 amounts class.
② reaction time and cleared time are short
③ can find out the position of leaks not only, and still can determine leakage rate
The method that finds out leaks position has gush to blow law and suck marksmanship. Gush blows a law to apply to what can manage to find time by check. Hydrophone of high frequency scintilla law, vacuum gauge law, stationary is haloid the law is attributed to appearance law and helium mass spectrograph gush plays a way.
Suck marksmanship to apply to do not allow to manage to find time, deflate measures big, complex conduit to wait by check. Bleb law, fluorescent law, the law can be attributed to law of ammoniac leak hunting and leak detector of type suction a gun suck marksmanship.
Determine the method that leakage leads is the leakage that measures the material that show leakage rate change or chroma change quantity. Can use proper method according to the condition.
④ character shows leakage matter admirably
The material that show leakage is had in air content is little, sensitivity is tall, do not corrode, do not pollute by check, bleed system and leak hunting appearance, avirulent, flame retardant with explosion proof.
⑤ stability limits of good, leak hunting simple, operation maintains wide, structure convenient, cost is low
Because afore-mentioned requirements are of mutual contradiction a little, if want,using a kind of method to be able to be satisfied is disagreement is real. The leak hunting method that wants to be able to satisfy its to basically ask according to particular case only so is relatively appropriate. Carry out a proof, experience of the quality of leak hunting personnel, work also is one of important basises that choose leak hunting method.

To the requirement of leak hunting personnel
Be as follows to the requirement of leak hunting personnel:
① has responsibility heart of height and serious working attitude;
② has rich leak hunting to carry out experience;
③ has particular rigid structure, physics, chemical, material to reach solder the knowledge that waits for a respect;
④ understands by check the structure reachs his to run craft, familiar place uses leak hunting method or the principle of the instrument reachs function;
What ⑤ control uses the leak hunting character of the material that show leakage.
For example, helium gas is light, when using gush to blow law leak hunting, should abide by from on reach next mixing from come nearly far principle (namely first from by check upside order is mixed to bottom from stand by leak detector order to come removed place) ; Use when sucking marksmanship leak hunting, should abide by from below consummate and from come nearly far principle. But, haloid gas is heavy, except abide by from come nearly outside far principle, blow in gush law and in sucking marksmanship, part of one's job is not abided by from below consummate and from on to the principle below.
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