Press the classification of vavuum pump of type of structural characteristic oil
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Press the classification of vavuum pump of type of structural characteristic oil seal and utility

Vavuum pump of oil seal type: It is to use oil kind sealed the clearance between each motion component, a kind of when reduce harmful space change coming back allows vavuum pump. This kind of pump contains the device that enrage a town normally, friend calls the type that enrage a town vavuum pump again. By its structural characteristic cent is 5 kinds of following type.

1, blade type vavuum pump:

Rotor is with certain eccentric throw outfit inside pump case and stand by with the fixed face of the surface inside pump case, contain inside rotor chamfer two (or two above) blade, can slide along move back and forth of its radial chamfer when the blade when rotor rotates and contact from beginning to end with pump case wall, this blade rotates together along with rotor, can distribute pump speech into a few alterable cubage. Blade type vavuum pump belongs to low vavuum pump. It can be used alone, also can regard other high vacuum as pump or ultrahigh vacuum pump before class pump. Blade pump is more medium or small pump, product already seriation. Blade pump has only course and dual class two kinds, make geminate form more commonly, spend in order to obtain taller vacuum. Blade pump great majority is structure of only work antrum, commonly used two radial blade, useful also of blade of 3 inclined buy. Perforative blade vavuum pump also has application.

2, vavuum pump of pilot valve type:

In prejudicial rotor exterior of a pilot valve, rotor rotates drive pump case of pilot valve edge to wall slides and roll, the pilot valve lever of pilot valve upside can be slip in the pilot valve slideway that can swing, and distribute pump speech into two alterable cubage. The bleed principle of vavuum pump of pilot valve type and blade pump are similar, but both structure is different. Vavuum pump of pilot valve type uses pilot valve orgnaization to change inspiratory antrum volume, friend calls pilot valve pump.

3, decide a type vavuum pump:

Contain inside pump case an as prejudicial as close of the surface inside pump rotor, pump case jacket has a radial blade that contacts with rotor surface from beginning to end, when rotor rotates, blade can go up, next sliding that pump antrum is divided into two alterable cubage. Decide a type vavuum pump to smoke fast lesser, have the branch of only course, dual class, the ultimate vacuum of dual class pump can amount to 10-1Pa. The structure of pump simple, service life is longer with the overhaul easy, but as a result of its character of service is inferior to blade pump, had been produced rarely at present so and apply.

4, vavuum pump of more than cycloidal type:
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