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Summary: 220 KV beautiful water changes foundation uses electric place space on Fu water vacuum is pressed beforehand soft base consolidate technology consolidate, total consolidate area is made an appointment with 2. 30 thousand M2. Control construction process beforehand in vacuum in, the vacuum below film is spent maintain in 85 KPa above, effective stress achieves 77 KPa, intensity grows about 17. 5kPa, average firm knot is spent achieve 83. 5 % . Press beforehand in vacuum after consolidate is finished, undertake static force strikes explore and vane shear test. The experiment makes clear, pointed obstruction of the awl after consolidate rises substantially, cross board intensity is amounted to 33. 4 KPa. The foundation after consolidate bears the weight of force achieves 70kPa, can contented design asks. 220kV beautiful water changes electric place is located in fine promote environs, change there is to rush on electric place field fill what control 2 years only is silty (bear the weight of force only 30 KPa is controlled) , the layer is thick for 1. 4 ~ 2. 4 M. Earthy layer basically is below by the 4th department brand-new clay of photograph of all lagoon billabong is deposit and become clay, silty qualitative opaque and powdery earth.
To satisfy the need of project, the protocol when initial design plan of consolidate of 3 kinds of foundation, namely vacuum catchment is pressed beforehand plan of plan, dynamical displacement consolidate and dig except blow filling and plan of backfill pond broken bits. In the light of change structural frame of electric place canal generatrix to bearing the weight of power demand is not very high (60 KPa is controlled can) , sedimentation control demand is higher (60 KPa additional stress falls to sedimentation finally do not be more than 20 Mm) , analyse through careful economy, technology with quite, final decision uses vacuum to press a law to be opposite beforehand soft base undertake consolidate. To control construction quality better, protocol is pressed beforehand in vacuum pressure of water of the hole inside vacuum pressure, foundation and the earth's surface fall to sedimentation to film in the process have observation; Protocol is pressed beforehand in vacuum after finishing, undertake static force strikes explore and vane shear test.
1 vacuum presses consolidate beforehand soft base principle and computation
1. 1 vacuum presses consolidate beforehand soft base principle
Vacuum controls a standard beforehand is arenaceous well of the setting inside the soft clay foundation in need consolidate or plastic catchment board, be in next layer of ground laid arenaceous mat, airtight sealed film is covered on its, sealed film at the same time embedded consolidate area week of four sealed channel are medium, make arenaceous mat layer and air completely cut off, through burying locate the suction hose in arenaceous mat layer, undertake bleed with vacuum device, eduction of the air inside film, an atmosphere with arose certain in velar inside and outside consequently is poor - U
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