Generality of type selecting of food machinery equipment
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In the project process of food processing factory, the quality of equipment type selecting is the important sign that plans to build plant technology content, establish method of advanced, applicable, reasonable equipment type selecting, it is the main task of project of food processing factory. Current, our country food machines an industry to still do not have standard of uniform equipment type selecting, use generally consult the means of the design undertakes equipment type selecting, often appear equipment type selecting backward, equipment does not deserve to cover wait for blemish, restricted the construction level of certain food processing factory badly. Accordingly, on extensive investigation and study and the foundation that draw lessons from domestic and international advanced experience, raised the basic requirement of type selecting of food machinery equipment.

   Food machines purpose and characteristic of equipment type selecting

Food machines a purpose: Retain the character character with original provision, improvement and the quality that improve food are characteristic, the physics that changes provision, chemical character and live thing are characteristic, satisfy the different requirement of people, increase provision use value and economic value, through food treatment or deep treatment development produce new product and implementation appreciation.

Characteristic of equipment type selecting: Facility work component reachs technical parameter to answer to suit with the biology character that processes a product, accord with the treatment requirement of end item; Strict control causes injury of raw material, end item and character to reduce in treatment process; It is the treatment facilities of food or food raw material to end item, should prevent the pollution of machinery or other stock to end item, ask in order to make sure end item accords with food sanitation; The emission in wanting to avoid food to machine a process (broken bits, flooey, oar, fluid, gas) the pollution to the environment, handle equipment to contaminative emission should be deployed, make its are achieved discharge a requirement; To containing the provision of a variety of nutrition composition or medical effect composition, lv of take an examination reduces treatment facilities to be opposite the loss of nutrition or medical effect composition; Want to take the integrated development of by-product and leftover pieces seriously, make full use of resource, raise economic benefits.

   Equipment type selecting is main according to

Accord with a country to concern industrial policy and standard requirement: First choice and the food machinery device that use current state emphasis to encourage development, the key chooses and collect appliance to have content of measurable dimensions, science and technology good, resource uses up tall, economic benefits low, safe sanitation, environment pollutes little, resource to use the device with tall efficiency; Prohibit choose and using the food machinery device that current state explicit order is restricted and falls into disuse, the key prohibits choose and be being used violate state law code, producer pattern backward, inferior in quality, environment pollutes serious, raw material and the sources of energy to use up it is advanced and tall, mature to already had the technology is replaced, the equipment that endangers manufacturing security badly; The device that choose as far as possible and adopts appliance to have advanced level and finalize the design product, choose to have the facility of international standard, abroad advanced standard and equivalent international standard mainly above all, choose to have the facility of occupation standard and national level, industry standard again next, the design of equipment, make, installation, examine wait for technical condition, best the tie that can be had basic standard, method standard and safe level, pledge at the performance characteristics of equipment and product with benefit the effective play of the quantity.
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