Blade type vavuum pump
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JB/T 6533 - 1997
Blade vavuum pump
1997-04-15 releases 1998-01-01 to carry out
Trade department releases machinist of People's Republic of China
This standard is pair of JB/T 6533, 92 " type of blade type vavuum pump and basic parameter " , ZB J78 004, 87 " 2X blade style is true
Condition of empty pump technology " , JB/T 5281, 91 " condition of technology of vavuum pump of type of straight couplet blade " , JB/T 6532, 92 " vacuum of type of straight couplet blade
Pump type and basic parameter " edit.
The ultimate total pressure, requirement that starts temperature than power, lowest raised when this standard edits; Increased not fuel injection, do not leak to check oilily square
Law; Wait to project of test of town of noise index, gas, sampling method, type undertook modification.
This standard replaces JB/T 6533 at the same time since the day of autogenous effect, 92, ZB J78 004, 87, JB/T 5281, 91, JB/T 6532, 92.
The appendix A of this standard is standard appendix.
This standard standardizes technical committee to put forward by countrywide vacuum technique and put in a mouth 's charge.
This standard drafts an unit: Vavuum pump factory of institute of technique of vacuum of Shenyang of machinist trade department, Shanghai, Beijing instrument factory.
This standard basically drafts a person: Li Yuying, He Bi unripe, Zhao Yang.
JB/T 6533 - 1997
1 limits
Requirement of the type that this standard provided blade vavuum pump and basic parameter, technology, sample reach decide method, experiment method, test gauge criterion,
Mark, pack, carry and keep in storage.
This standard applies to vavuum pump of type of blade of dual class, oil seal () of pump of the following abbreviation.
2 cite standard
The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When this standard is published, what show version all
For effective. All standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed use following level the possibility of newest version.
GB 191, 90 the Chu Yuntu that pack shows a sign
GB/T 3163, term of 93 vacuum technique
GB/T 13306, 91 sign
GB/T 13384, 92 mechanical and electrical products pack current technology condition
JB/T 7266, measurement technique of function of 94 cubage vavuum pump
JB/T 7673, method of work out of model of 95 vacuum equipment
JB/T 8106, measurement technique of noise of 95 cubage vavuum pump
SH 0528, 92 mineral oil vavuum pump is oily
3 definitions
This standard uses following definition.
3.S of 1 bleed rate
When check a cover of the standard when pump and working by rated condition, the aeriform discharge that from the test the cover has shed and in the test hood shows emplacement is measured
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