Transpector 2 and Transpwctor XPR3 leftover gas analyse a system
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INFICON, the precede person of RGA technology replaced set of Transpector gas analyzer according to current technology and applied requirement. Transpector 2 is offerred so better that hydrogen detects, faster scanning, patulous dynamic span, taller isotropy resolution sensitivity, with outstanding chart peak and amplitude stability. It is the process is monitored, the process is diagnosed in be being used with leak hunting the most well-advised choice.

The characteristic of Transpector 2

·100 - , 200 - , and 300 - Amu system takes Faraday cup or electronic multiplier / the combination of Faraday cup.

The hydrogen that · improves detects.

The stability of the peak value with outstanding · and position.

· and firsthand Transpector look are compared than dispatch a confusion of voices raise 10 times

Mark of question of low cost of · fast scanning

·9 the electronics trends span that measures level

· is used at odd sensor and the software options of many sensor system

· cent is pressed measure from 1×10- 4Tuo comes 2×10- 14Tuo

Transpector 2 is to be based on 4 extremely the intelligent sensor of field, drive of all sensor electron adds microprocessor installation to be added inside the small-sized, light airtight small box on sensor in. Because it is intelligent sensor, have the flexibility that comparative, you can use current computer or wrap from PC of INFICON choose and buy and software. Two kinds of communication are linked, RS232 is used at odd sensor, RS485 is used at much sensor configuration, transpector2 join controls the computer. Simple instruction agreement controls all Transpector function.




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