ZQA series 4 extremely the index of aeriform analysis mass spectrograph
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Mass spectrograph of ZQA-403 gas analysis uses advanced vitreous unifinication hyperboloid 4 extremely lever regards quality as filter, choose Faraday canister or multiplier to serve as receiver. Instrument by the vacuum system, system that take energy of life, analysis system, data processing system a few parts are comprised. Can do aeriform analysis and organic matter to monitor, the leak detector that can serve as this system again is used. The instrument has complete function, can undertake the analysis of full a fair amount of confidence, good music, much ioniccer chart, the operation leaves in friendly WINDOWS interface, give out to analyse test result and clear user report reliably. Mass spectrograph of analysis of ZQA-402 leftover gas loads vacuum system in, can one machine is multi-purpose, can make incomplete enrage analyzer already, can make the leak detector of this system again, can use a variety of gas to make search gas. It uses squirrel-cage ion source and the vitreous unifinication hyperboloid that enter now 4 extremely lever serves as analyzer, the user can choose Faraday canister according to need or electronic multiplier serves as receiver. Data processing system uses a PC to make main engine, can output list of a fair amount of confidence of chart of full a fair amount of confidence, good plan, time and chart of table of cent intensity of pressure, data to wait. ZQA-401 specific material detects 4 extremely the mass spectra that mass spectrograph is a kind of tall sensitivity monitors an instrument, can monitor 4 kinds of compound at the same time. Vacuum system is used splash shoot ionic pump, can pass a car expediently to carry, the boat carries wait for means to undertake the spot detects, the data of earning can undertake show and storing at any time. Technical index Quality range: 2-100, 2-200, 2-300amu sensitivity: 2×10- 6 Resolving power: ≤1amu peak stability: Stability of < ±0.5amu/4h peak height: < ±0.5%/4h is the smallest but check divides intensity of pressure: 5×10- 9Pa (N2) FC 8×10- 12Pa (N2) EM is the biggest working intensity of pressure: 1×10- 2PaFC 1×10- 4PaEM allows roast temperature: 200 ℃ of <Use a field
  • Vacuum science industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Environmental science
  • Exterior science
  • Trace

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