2007(Wuhan) exhibition of equipment of technology of international water treatme
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Showpiece time: 2007-9-23 comes 2007-9-25 Application ends: 2007-9-20 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Wuhan international exhibition center (before square exhibition hall) Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: One, exhibit an area to catchment technology and equipment: 1, all sorts of metals and metalloid canal material, pipe fitting, conduit, connect, cistern and fittings, high-rise is automatic water supply equipment; Water pump, valve; 2, IC of all sorts of water meter, intelligence (radio frequency) card water meter, flowmeter, content plan, vibrating absorber, Shui Jingpen head, swim equipment of pool equipment, section water sprinkling irrigation; 3, system of system of water supply, drainage, building fluctuation water, equipment of of all kinds water supply reachs device, municipal reach device to catchment technology; 4, whole of works of equipment, water equips related water works reach establishment of form a complete set, the shock-proof, heat preservation that lie between shake, heat-insulating material, fan reachs control equipment; 5, tubal net detects equipment and repair technical material, plan cost to run the system, system that copy a watch; Container: Bucket of canister of cistern, lay aside, lay aside, can without lid, plastic container; 2, the technology that make water and equipment exhibit an area: 1, distilled water, clean water, mineral water, high pure water makes equipment of water technology equipment and fill outfit, disinfection and drug, hollow fiber exceeds filter film 2, family expenses, office, business is used, industrial clean water implement, soft water implement, clean water equipment and equipment; All sorts of watering equipment of machine, pure pail, beverage; 3, water treatment technology and equipment exhibit an area: 1, industrial technology of water, liquid waste and urban water supply, sewage disposal and equipment, natural resources of water quality, water detects, instrument of analysis, monitoring and equipment 2, in water is answered turn equipment of technology of automata of system of applied technology and equipment, water treatment with resource of water of establishment, section and liquid waste, 3, film and separate project technology and equipment; Water treatment drug, filter material and equipment of form a complete set; Water conservancy project, prevent or control flood refuses technology of calamity remote control and facility 4, water treatment of central air conditioning, technology of make-up water of water of bate of industrial circulation cooling water, boiler, boiler and equipment; 4, conduit, valve, pump exhibits an area: 1, conduit provides material kind: All sorts of giving drainpipe, flexible conduit of conduit of tube of multiple tube of canal of interface casting iron pipe, UPVC, PE canal, PEX canal, ABS canal, PP canal, PP-R canal, aluminous model, stainless steel, moire metal collapsible tube, galvanization, gas canal, anticorrosive conduit, pressure; Equipment of all sorts of pipeline construction machines and tools, join, conduit is sealed reach anticorrosive, solder equipment; Preservative coating, material, equipment of all sorts of detectors, clean equipment, conduit production technology. , 2, pump kind product: Hydraulic pump of pump of sumbersible pump, conduit, fire pump, centrifugal pump, vavuum pump, water pump, sewage pump, metric pump, chemical industry pump; 3, a powerful person kind product: A powerful person of ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, brake a powerful person, force plunger a powerful person, electromagnetism a powerful person, blowdown, drain valve, check valve, shut-off valve,
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