SCIFF 2007 China exhibition of machinery of austral border pump, valve, fluid
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Showpiece time: 2007-11-14 comes 2007-11-16 Application ends: 2007-11-10 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Dongguan Chang Ping international exhibition center Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Pump: Pump of only course centrifugal pump, multistage centrifugal pump, boiler feed pump, hot water and condensation pump, marine pump, anti-corrosive pump, chemical industry uses pump of pump of oar of pump of mixed flow pump and axial-flow pump, process pump, oil pump, sewage pump, slop, broken bits, well, mixed flow (inclined stream) pump, ; Valve: Actuating device of fittings of valve of a powerful person of a powerful person of brake a powerful person, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, shut-off valve, check valve, relief valve, pressure-relief valve, throttle, force plunger, pneumatic a powerful person, electromagnetism a powerful person, control valve, special type, faucet a powerful person, diaphragm valve, pressure, special valve, valve, valve, lubricant, sealed material, applied technology; Fan: Smoke extractor exhaust fan of fan of centrifugal air-blower, collect Ci air-blower, circumgyrate type air-blower, utility boiler air-blower, air conditioning fan, efflux fan, housetop fan, high temperature fan, pottery and porcelain, explosion proof fan, fire control, channel is special fan, anticorrosive wear-resisting fan, axis sheds fanner; Compressor: Miniature compressor, small-sized pneumatics machine, special compressor, screw type compressor, diaphragmatic type compressor, reduce centrifuge of air, air, balancing machine, compress a replacement of engine of inhaler, pneumatics, electric machinery to wait; Other: Decrease fittings of gearshift machine, bearing, sealed, conduit, electric equipment, instrument appearance and accuse to wait for product and technology oneself; Whole set technology equips; Experiment, detect equipment and technology; Sponsor square:

Guangdong saves machinist Cheng to learn
Guangdong saves mechanical engineering to learn fluid project branch Undertake square: Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Exhibit meeting specification:

Fluid machinery is the key industry of machinist job, having very main effect to the development of economy of our country countryman. It includes machine of equipment of depart of pump, fan, compressor, valve, gas, vacuum equipment, decelerate to wait for relevant product, oily chemical industry of wide application Yu Shi, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, oil and natural gas development and carry, the national economy such as city building, coal and mineral products development, irrigation works, light industrial, building materials, spin, medicine, agriculture, food, traffic, national defence each domain. "During 915 " , fluid machinery basically applies a domain to will continue to maintain steadily, rapid development, each domain will reach 100 billion dollar to the demand of equipment of general fluid machinery. Huge market demand, to general fluid machinery manufacturing industry brought unprecedented development opportunity.
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