The working principle of aircrew of collect Ci vacuum explains
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Aircrew of vacuum of annulus of water of JZJS collect Ci is with Luo Ci pump gives priority to pump, pump of the class before be with water annulus pump establishs ties and become. Pump of the class before aircrew of vacuum of annulus of collect Ci water chooses water annulus pump to regard as is more more advantageous than other vavuum pump, pressure of the limit when it overcame pump of annulus of only station water to use is poor (the ultimate pressure of aircrew has than water annulus pump very big rise) , the defect with bleed low rate falls in constant pressure, withheld Luo Ci pump to be able to work quickly at the same time, have the advantage of bigger bleed rate. Can suit especially smoke except many can coagulate sexual vapour, eliminate to be able to coagulate when vavuum pump of machinery of the oil seal that enrage a town especially sexual vapour capacity is insufficient, or use dissolvent can make pump oil exasperate and affect performance, or when vacuum system does not allow oily pollution more apparent. Abide by corresponding safe regulation to fall when deserving to have explosion proof electric machinery and electric equipment, still can smoke except combustible the gas that explodes easily. Because of this collect Ci pump - the vacuum distill that aircrew of water annulus pump uses in chemical industry widely, vacuum evaporates, dehydration is crystal; Feed the freeze-dry in moral course of study; The vacuum of medical industry is dry; Spin polyester fibber section of industry gently; Headroom imitating test in the vacuumize system that wait.
Aircrew of vacuum of annulus of collect Ci water, be like below a few kinds of types roughly:
(1) Luo Ci pump - water annulus pump: The action of pump of annulus of the water in aircrew is the preliminary vacuum that creates place of collect Ci pump to need, general situation, ultimate pressure of pump of annulus of only course water is not high, and the collect Ci pump that at present our country produces asks beforehand vacuum taller, reason actually general need not pump of annulus of only course water regards Luo Ci as pump before class pump, and pump of the class before with ultimate pressure pump of inferior annulus of dual class water serves as is used, return the ultimate pressure that can reduce unit.
The ultimate pressure of pump of a collect Ci and pump of annulus of a water is 400Pa, can satisfy general vacuum requirement, but scope of application is restricted certainly, if use series connection of pump of two Luo Ci to be combined with water annulus pump again, the ultimate pressure that can increase unit greatly (can amount to 25Pa) . What reason sees normally in this kind of type is two Luo Ci pump of the class before pump of dual class of the reoccupy after pump establishs ties is made forms unit. If need higher ultimate pressure, can use pump of 3 collect Ci and combination of water annulus pump, its ultimate pressure can amount to 1Pa.
(3) when if Ci Shuihuan aircrew returns 3 class collect,cannot satisfying ultimate pressure, can use collect Ci pump - vavuum pump of machinery of paralell connection of water annulus pump; This aircrew basically is used at needing to handle a large number of water vapour, time is long and the vacuumize system with ultimate pressure very high demand, be in for example vacuum is dry respect.
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