Supply of all kinds vavuum pump and its fittings
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Limited company of equipment of vacuum of celestial bodies of hill of Zi gain gain is the backbone company that vacuum of Electromechanical ministry production acquires equipment and applied facility. Main product has water of series of SZ, SZB, SK, 2BV, 2BE1, 2BE3 bad type vavuum pump and compressor; 2SK-P1 series bad pump of two class water- - aircrew of air jet centrifugal pump; Compressor of type of annulus of 2SY series water; Jet centrifugal pump of SPB series water; Vavuum pump of W.WY series reciprocating type; Piston vacuum pump of WL series vertical; X, vavuum pump of type of 2X series blade; Vavuum pump of Ci of series collect of ZJ, ZBK; JZJ2S series Luo Ci- - aircrew of water bad vacuum; JZJX series collect second- - blade vacuum aircrew and other application equipment. The product is used extensively at the domain such as mechanical, oil, chemical industry, papermaking, medicine, food, refine sugar, electric power, electron, metallurgy, pottery and porcelain, pilot a ship into a harbour, printing and dyeing, building materials.