Vavuum pump of XZ straight couplet
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Still can serve as diminutive oily booster pump, oil to diffuse pump, molecular pump before class pump is used.
This pump is unwell use those who corrode at smoking to divide pair of black metals to have, react to the chemistry since pump oil, contain the gas of grain dust, and contain oxygen exorbitant, have volatile toxic gas. Cannot serve as transmission pump more (smoke from a container namely send another vessel) use. XZ vavuum pump, it is vavuum pump of only course of oil seal of type of a kind of blade. With will pump the gas in removing sealed recipient, in order to get vacuum primary facility.
This pump can be used at air conditioning, of refrigeration equipment repair, the pump device of medical treatment instrument, printing machine fetterses, vacuum-packed, vacuum sucks model, manage changes all sorts of vacuum exercise such as experiment and the small-sized device that need vacuum environment to use.