New and efficient working principle of steam jet vacuum pump
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New and efficient steam jet vacuum pump or by a steam jet pump and high-level condenser composed of certain pressure saturated or superheated steam after growth through the Laval nozzle into the steam vacuum ejector mixing chamber, so that the mixing chamber produces vacuum, the media was pumped into the mixing chamber and the work of pumping steam mixture, the mixture of fluid through the diffusion tube, slowed down, pressure increases until it reaches the next level after the suction pressure of steam injection into the next level. Ejector condenser in front of the mixed fluid into the efficient discharge of the condenser, the condensable vapor is cooled into liquid and non-condensable gas with the cooling water from the condenser outside. It can install an arbitrary height, a medium suitable for pumping non-condensable gases is relatively small, most of condensable vapor in the process, instead of the traditional multi-stage steam jet vacuum pumps can save over 60% of the work of the steam.
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