Alcatel-Lucent $ 280,000,000 sale of vacuum pump Pfeiffer Vacuum took over the
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Alcatel-Lucent (the "Arun") announced plans to 200 million euros (C114 Note: U.S. $ 280,000,000) to the vacuum pump solutions and equipment business to Germany's Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG, the "Pfeiffer Vacuum"). Alcatel-Lucent's vacuum technology business, including vacuum pumps, leak detectors, vacuum gauges, plasma sensors, valves, flanges and fittings. The deal involves the business in Annecy (Annecy) headquarters and 13 in A major focus Alcatel (ADIXEN) product sales and services subsidiary, is expected to be completed Dec. 31. Pfeiffer Vacuum CEO Manfred Bender (Manfred Bender) evaluation of the deal, said: "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to be vacuum solutions of global leadership. Alcatel vacuum products and is Leakage leading provider of testing equipment. Alcatel's product line to our perfect combination. In addition, we are able to expand international sales and marketing network, especially in the Asian market has made progress. " As part of strategic transformation, Alcatel-Lucent is focused on the implementation of business plans, long-term strategy will focus on core business, while in others with partners, and stripping will be fully utilized by other With its investment portfolio and talent to become a leader in the field of vacuum company best positioned to further develop the business. This will enable Alcatel-Lucent to its strategic focus on IP, optical communications, 3G, LTE services and Service-enabled (Application Enablement) and other next-generation technology investments, while enabling customers to continue the vacuum equipment needs Continue to be met.