Water ring vacuum pump status development trends and design
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As we all know, the water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor with a simple structure, easy maintenance features, so in all walks of life have been widely used. Especially those with the characteristics of isothermal compression, easy pumping, the pressure Reduce flammable and explosive gases. The following design and development for its development and make a few superficial view. A large-scale As coal, chemical, pharmaceutical and paper industry, water ring vacuum pumps have become increasingly demanding respect to the large-scale development. In the year 2000, China can produce more exhaust volume of water in the 100m3/min ring true Air pump only 3-4 companies, but also dozens of national output units. But only three years, to 2003, more than the country can produce 100m3/min large pump more than 10 manufacturers (of which only the Zibo area alone 7 - 8 companies), according to incomplete All statistics, the output of a large pump up to hundreds or more, these products are mainly used in: (1) Coal Industry As countries to enhance coal mine safety requirements, and thus water ring vacuum pump, especially for large water ring vacuum pump has been pumping gas of coal industry must be the safety requirements, such as last year, a Bureau of Mines ordered Shaanxi The pumping capacity of more than one large water ring vacuum pump 400m3/min is for the extraction of methane gas, some more than a large coal mine with a large pump 100m3/min reached 7 - 8 units. As the state of security was further Strengthen, large, extra large water ring vacuum pump systems are more and more widely in the coal mine applications. In addition, the rapid increase in coal production, coal washing, coal preparation vacuum filter used also to develop large-scale, mostly in the eighties with exhaust volume 27m3/min the SZ-4 type water ring vacuum pump, which Was also larger. The coal mines in recent years are optional exhaust filter 80--150m3/min large amount of water ring vacuum pump, and some reached 200m3/min above, but also the trend of gas continues to increase. (2) chemical industry a) chlor-alkali industry In recent years launched a number of large-scale capital construction and technical transformation projects, which are the real children need a lot of PVC material, especially the real estate boom, and more to promote the PVC industry Development of the chlor-alkali industry, according to statistics, last year China produced 410 tons of PVC, can be imported 200 tons. According to the forecast of the industry in 2005, the national demand will reach 800 million tons, and by 2010 will reach 15 million Tons, it is because the demand for high-speed increase, making China's chlor-alkali industry, transformation of enterprises plus expansion, and one or two years on a number of new enterprises. Chlor-alkali enterprises, must complete the water pump and water ring Shaanxi air compressor with j The extraction and compression of acetylene and hydrogen of water ring vacuum pump and water ring compression. Machine in the past also, but the biggest 30m3/min, and now an annual output of 100,000 tons of caustic soda and 10 tons of PVC in the enterprises, the need of water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor of 70m3/min above. Described here is in need of special precisely because of this industry to promote and accelerate the high water ring compressor I force the development and production. For a long time, China's water ring compressor when the suction pressure is generally 1 atmosphere or slightly lower than the tires air pressure, the exclusion pressure O.1MPa, the compression ratio of 2, excluding individual enterprises produced the water pressure of 25MPaG Ring compressor, and only 1 - 2 specifications. In order to adapt the production of PVC, major equipment, the State Council Office of the original 91 in the "Eighth Five-Year" major technology and equipment research projects - an annual output of 4 tons of low molecular weight PVC plant EQUIPMENT heterozygosity Vinyl chloride in the recovery of the system proposed development of water ring compressor research topics, such recycled vinyl chloride monomer in the water ring compressor suction pressure required for the atmospheric or slightly negative pressure situation, the discharge pressure to reach O.55 -0.6MPaG And displacement to achieve 700m3/min. After several years of efforts, our company in December in 96 countries by the former Ministry of Machinery's technical appraisal, crisp off a technical requirement to achieve a breakthrough. Based on this product , My company has developed a series of products, exhaust from the 90m3/min to 2000m. / H. Since the device is one of the key equipment of PVC industry, which in recent years a nationwide project on the situation of PVC, which Species of water ring compressors are the promotion and application, completely replace the imports. b) Fertilizer Industry Phosphate fertilizer production industries, especially in China's economic macro-control is also key support in the industry, as new projects and technical transformation of old enterprises are above the level of scale-based, so large, extra large water ring In this vacuum has been applied, such as Yunnan, a transformation of a phosphate fertilizer companies on new exhaust volume 300m3/min a large water ring pump 3 sets. In addition, there are many business process requirements phosphate absolute pressure in the pressure of 80 - lOOhPa, the still greater pumping capacity, and thus levels of atmospheric water ring vacuum pumps and injectors with a two-stage water ring vacuum pumps used in this kinds of work Case, it has unique advantages, many fertilizer companies out of the large noise and vibration of reciprocating vacuum high vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pump with two alternatives, and received good results, we can say two water ring vacuum pump Application in the industry will be more extensive. c) Paper Industry The last century and the beginning of this century, our national debt into account for a large proportion of the paper industry, paper mills across the country scrambling to transform the level of scale, which greatly stimulated the opening of a large water ring vacuum pump Fat production, a paper mill in Northeast exhaust volume 400IIl3/min a transformation of a large water ring vacuum pump (currently the maximum size of the production of water ring vacuum pump) 6, the total allocated power is 400kW. Can be said that in recent years Exhaust volume 100m3/min more large water ring vacuum pump is used in 50% of the paper industry, and this trend continues unabated.